Topped and trimmed hedges

Dec 7, 2015

With Spring poised to spring into action in the next few weeks, there’s not much time left to tame rampant hedges and hedgerows. This recent client (pictured above) was all too aware of this and called our team in to take care of a large hedge on their land.

In this instance we both “topped” (where you cut the height) and trimmed (cutting from the side) the hedge. Once done this action will keep the hedge under control for some time to come. We give clients a choice as to what they would to do with the cuttings – these can be kept by the client, taken by us or, if the client is allowed to, burnt on site. The client here asked for the trimmings to be burnt, which again we handled for them.

If you’d like our team to trim and/or top a hedge for you please call Ed on 07717 845 184 or make contact here.