Large Leylandii tree removal

Jan 4, 2016

Leylandii trees are the scourge of many a gardener and property owner. We handle quite a few jobs that require either complete removal or just partial tree surgery of Leylandii plants.

The client who commissioned this job (pictured above) in Brampford Speke, Devon, had asked for the troublesome tree to be completely removed due to it blocking light to the house on the property. Such a large Leylandii can be tricky to remove, and requires very gradual, from the ground up, cutting. Although we’ve been handling Leylandii trees for a long time, it’s always really surprising how much waste there is from the branches of these plants – so the client was very pleased to learn that our service included disposal of this.

If you’re also suffering from rouge Leylandii and would like it either partially trimmed or completely removed, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.