Garden Retaining Wall – Topsham Road, Exeter

Jun 1, 2017

This job was for a property which is on Topsham road in Exeter which had an overgrown area at the end of there lawn. The brief from the client was to make the most of the space they had and also to cut down the amount of maintenance that was required for the garden.

We had to remove all the overgrown bushes and shrubs and dig out the roots. Then dig back the area and started back filling with top soil. Once we had built up the level enough we then put down a foundation, built the retaining wall, which was block work faced with bricks and finished it off with a small picket fence . We then prepared the new garden area for turfing, including levelling, compacting and de-stoning the soil. And finished the area off by laying the turf.

With our equipment we’re able to handle all of this quite easily and, as mentioned before, I think the results look great just in time for Spring/Summer.