Block Paving , Circle Patio and Rustic Posts – St Leonards, Exeter

Mar 20, 2017

This is one of our most recent paving jobs. This property is in the St Leonards area of Exeter and has a large garden. The brief from the client was to break up some of the areas in the garden using the block paving paths. The circle patio was to be used to catch the afternoon sun and to be surrounded by the rustic posts. Which in time would have climbers grown over them.

We then prepared the ground with a sub base, before levelling, compacting, and laid the block paving on a bed of sand… Then finished the area off by building the circle patio and putting in the rustic posts… With our equipment we’re able to handle all of this quite easily and, as mentioned before, I think the results look great just in time for Spring/Summer.

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